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The House of EL (THOEL) was initially created for intuitive people to have a safe and comfortable place to practice together. It has since grown and evolved in unimaginable ways; In THOEL we are learning powerful lessons directly from Ascended Masters, Dragons, Galactoids, Angels, and Gods via channeling. This provides the Initiates and Adepts of the House the opportunity to directly ask questions of these benevolent higher vibrational beings. Although there is a wide variety of knowledge in our archives we have been specializing in higher self-magic, alchemy, self-development, understanding the rules of our matrix and consciousness itself. Our participants are opening up more and more to new teachings from Galactics to understand their approaches to life and teamwork so that one day we are prepared to work directly with these benevolent beings. THOEL are a group of likeminded ethical, moral, and light oriented individuals who wish to bring sacred knowledge back onto the planet. We are committed and push ourselves hard in the pursuit of learning, knowledge and self-development to aid in the betterment of our world for all. Our objective is to provide aid and assistance for Humanity in the near future with resources a plenty including food, water, shelter, electricity, knowledge and healing for the World. In addition, our House will aid in the restoration of our planet’s trees and wildlife. Our goals are ambitious; however we have the Gods on our side to remove negative barriers in pursuit of the wellbeing of our planet for all. You are invited to join us and become a part of something greater than yourself. Learn about the secrets of the universe, move towards self-mastery and become a beacon of light in your community. The first step forward begins with the THOEL mentorship program which includes three months of detox and training to get you up to speed. Once you are accepted by the council you will become an initiate of THOEL where your true journey will begin. THOEL provides opportunities to work using your intuitive abilities. You can advance within THOEL to become an Adept and then one day a Master or perhaps even a Grand Master in your chosen field of specialty. Join us today and begin your personal journey…


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“I have had many psychic readings and healings from David Lotherington over the past several years and I can honestly say, he is the most gifted metaphysician that I have ever encountered. I was personally dealing with a whole host of severe physical, psychological, and energetic issues that had completely ravaged my life and until I found David I had only experienced limited success in healing these wounds. With David’s help, I’ve experienced transformations that I never thought possible. I have such an elevated level of respect for this man that I now train under him so that I may help others heal the way he has helped me. I love David; he is a true gem.”

David S.

“I have received the most astonishing healing from someone of human origin. That person is David Lotherington, a true ascended master. He released me of two painful situations that had been torturous for years. He is a treasure trove of information  about anything you need to know and is loving, kind, and compassionate. Thank you for giving me this freedom to live without fear and pain David. Thank you for teaching me about Reiki and for giving it to me, as well.”

Holly Rose

“I’m not typically one to write reviews about anything, no matter how strongly I feel about something.  However, I needed to make an exception when it came to my experience with David Lotherington.  He has incredible knowledge and abilities when it comes to removing unwanted energies and entities.  When I needed to unburden experiences from my past, he had a very compassionate understanding.  My past experiences had created blockages and once revealed, the blockages were able to be removed.  Since meeting David and working with him, I have been able to move forward as I feel much more balanced than I was before our first session.  I can honestly say David has changed my life for the better, and I will be forever grateful to him and his abilities.”

Tanna Cressman

“I can very much recommend David, He is a compassionate healer who has given me some really helpful insights into what it happening in my body. He has worked on my chakras and my energy body. I can’t really sum up all that he does in a few words but the energy work feels amazing and my body is always lighter afterwards. David is helping me on my healing journey and my sessions with him always give a physical, energetic and emotional boost.”

Ailsa JE Carrick

About The House of EL

The EL collective has been around since the beginning of time. The EL (collective) operates in layers of experience beyond human comprehension. There are many ways to perceive but not many ways to speak to them. When you see a rainbow, you see EL, when you see the sunrise, you see EL. When you smell a beautiful flower, this, too is EL. EL is not something that can be easily explained as it is a Bisu consciousness and is present in all things. For those who can see, the EL are the creators, they are the gods, they are the one. The EL collective have been working with many beings throughout time to create beauty in each place they shine their light. Each interpreter of EL is capable of seeing only a slight glimpse of their ability and power as the EL are nearly infinite. To know EL is to know GOD. To be with them is to be GOD and so it is.

The House of EL Creed

“It is my intention to do good upon the Earth. To help those who need help, to guide those who need guidance and to assist those who are lost. I am here to help find my way to help those lost souls find their path and to find my own in turn. And so it is.”

– EL