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The House of EL – The word EL means light, truth and GOD. EL is a part of the original creator or prime source and is a divided piece of that perfect being. EL is responsible for the creation of the Divine realm, all Angels, the Melchizedek priest/priestesses and the Ascended masters. EL is a Bisu consciousness which is the state of being beyond quantum which means present in all things. The EL collective has been around since the beginning of creation. The EL (collective) operates in layers of experience beyond human comprehension. There are many ways to perceive EL but not many ways to speak to them. When you see a rainbow you see EL, when you see the sunrise, you see EL. When you smell a beautiful flower, this too is EL. EL is not something that can be easily explained as it is a Bisu consciousness and is present in all things. For those who can see, the EL are the creators, they are the gods, they are the one. The EL collective have been working with many beings throughout time to create beauty in each place they shine their light. Each interpreter of EL is capable of seeing only a slight glimpse of their ability and power as the EL are nearly infinite. To know EL is to know GOD. To be with them is to be GOD and so it is…The House of EL collective are currently working with humanity to help humans with compassion, understanding and truth. They wish to see the best in each of you as you walk this path of life back to the creator. The EL collective understands that many of you humans are sad, lonely, afraid, broken and divided. Channeled message of EL : With our guidance we will help you to unify yourself, to find yourself, to capture your courage, gather your strength, follow your passion and heal your heart. Follow the words of EL and find yourself purified of the corruption of the world. Find yourself in peace. Move forward with strength and unity, a team guides you and your actions towards what is good, true, and kind. Will you allow this?

How many THOEL schools there are in our galaxy? 
In this moment of now there are currently 3600 schools of EL in this galaxy. All of these schools are taught by the Kal (Kal Force). Each of these schools exists in different times and spaces. However, on occasion, other schools align, which allows for interplanetary communication between species. Each THOEL school learns different subjects at different times depending on the interests of the species asking the questions. Some species learn more in depth about one subject while other species prefer to learn small amounts on each field and subject. Currently, humans are scattered in their focus, however, they prefer to know more about magic, alchemy and dragons.


Kal or Kal-EL is also known as the Kal force. A Bisu consciousness from the 7.8th dimension. The Kal is an eternal that has always existed in our experience of life and carries out several functions. The Kal force holds the spirit to the physical body which makes your spirit a soul. It gives the spirit boundaries to its power so that it may experience limitations. This Kal force may be seen as a silver cord for you astral travelers. Without the Kal force there would be no physical experience as the soul would not be able to stay within the body. The Kal force exists in all creations with a soul throughout the multiverse. The Kal force is nearly (Omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent). Master David Channels Kal often and Kal guides clients through difficult situations and helps with problems in their lives.

David Lotherington

David – At 28 years old David had his first awakening. His abilities began to come in waves as he developed and the more he healed himself and others the more skills and memories came forward to be remembered. David is a Melchizedek high priest that can channel the ascended masters, angels, galactic’s and GOD or EL. David has had recall of his past lives, some notable lives are Sun Tzu, Marcus Aurelius, Robert the Bruce, Achilles, Sigurd snake in the eye, Lancelot du Lac, Little John, D’Artagnan, King David and Enlil. All of his experiences combined has assisted David in helping those who are lost and are looking for a way back or for those who are looking to enhance themselves. He is a proficient psychic surgeon, Channeller, Akashic records reader and teacher who hopes to share his knowledge with as many people as possible and to heal those who need healing. After a second awakening he has discovered his true name, Ashtar Anar.

David Lotherington Profile | The House of EL

The House of EL’s goals and hopes for the Future

In each of us there is someone who wants to see this world a better place than the way we left it. We can together create this better world and unified we will make change that will bring light, happiness and sovereignty to many individuals who seek it. There are many people who wish to find themselves, to know their purpose and to see what they really are made of. This will be tested.

Only the true will excel in many things. Be true and find your value.

Bringing many people together will raise a collective of powerful individuals. With this power we would see all of humanity raised. Bringing abundance in the form of food and water to the people of the land near each tower.

The towers will become a beacon of good in each community which they reside. They will be a reminder that one can have a good life, helping others, find themselves and have abundance all simultaneously.

This is what we will bring to the world.

THOEL teaches many principles which are beneficial to your life. Depending on your passion and direction they school will offer you what you need to move forward to the next phase of your development.

Each human desires different things. The basics are to teach each student how to live a happy successful life. Following the teachings of Kal and the other members of EL will lead you to success in your life.

These teachings help with internal strength, fortitude towards hardships, values that are true, Ancient knowledge of the past, Universal understandings and much more…

If your desire is to learn of magic then it will be accessible to you. If you wish to learn about money, this will also be accessible. Your questions create the archives which will help future generations of people like yourself.

What are the benefits of joining the organization?

There are many reasons why one may join the school. Find their own internal strength, make friends, discover the truth, change life to be good, pull away from lies, allow ones self to be true despite surroundings, finding compassion for something. These are only a few examples of what one can attain from the school and the path you will take while in it. Be good, be true, and life will unfold for you allowing you to enjoy the fruits of this reality.

The Founder

David has been working with the collective of EL for 7 years now. Each time the EL collective share information with them they leave their mark. Once enough marks are made the channel will shine, this radiance will help each of you as this reflection of self is a beautiful mirror. Seeing life through the shadows can be difficult. With a guide there is no easier way through the darkness. When you are ready to join, extend out your hand, we will be on the other end helping you to rise up from your position so that you may see things from a higher perspective, so you may see the world for the beauty that it holds, despite what you may see now.

With much love, EL.

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Join US

Join our group of committed, passionate truth seekers and grow with us as we reveal the truth of experience and life. Learn about magic, alchemy, universal laws, The rules of the matrix, the way of the body, spirit and emotions. Find yourself with a group of passionate people who you can grow with, practice with and become friends with. Each of you is on your own personal journey but the journey is long and friends are appreciated on any long journey.

The initiation program is designed to reprogram your brain to change what unhealthy mindsets you may have and invert them to create a healthy soul. Along with this new mindset is a purging of all entities, negative implants and energetic blockages which limit your ability to manifest your desired reality. You will learn about ethics and morality, How to protect yourself from beings that dont serve your highest and greatest good, learn how to program and communicate with your guides.

Learn the ways of magic and much much more… This is only the beginning of your journey with ThoEL. It starts after your initiation program ends and the council sees you into the school officially where you will become an initiate and your pathway to master begins.