The Mentorship Program

Requirement to join The House of EL- Mystery School

The mentorship program is designed and tailored to the individual who is interested in taking part in self development, personal healing and growth, psychic protection and learn how to use your abilities. Lessons may change from week to week depending on the level of understanding of the current mentee, lessons may become more simplified or more complex. At the end of the mentorship program there is an exam. Assuming that you pass the exam, you will be observed by the council. The council will decide whether you are of good character. If you are of good character, then you will be accepted into The House of EL – Mystery School. With this in mind here is the current syllabus.

Month 1

  • Week 1
    Talk about THOEL (The House of EL – Mystery School) Initial assessment, body scan and percentages of blocked chakras. This will give me an idea of what is going on in your life. Psychic surgery on the front chakras to remove as much negative energy/blockages as possible. Get to know the client.
  • Week 2
    Psychic surgery (back), Raise the clients vibration manually. We will delve into what makes you happy, what do you want from life and this experience and how do you define successful. What would you like to get out of this program. What excites you.
  • Week 3
    David will use psychic surgery to look for and remove any entities, energetic implants or other constructs that do not serve the highest and greatest good of the client. We will go over ethics / morality and the importance of it. Learn what entrainment is.
  • Week 4
    I will cut any cords that do not serve your highest good so you can let go of past karma allowing the mentee to move forward in life. Learn how to program your guides to serve you best, receive Kals mantra.

Month 2

  • Week 5
    The 5 states of matter. Learn how to meditate properly and effectively. Why we meditate. Learn how to ground yourself both psychically and physically.

  • Week 6
    How to collect energy from the universe and how to bubble up to protect yourself. How to create a torus field. How to create and program the bubble. Learn about comfortable and uncomfortable training.
  • Week 7
    Learn about some Universal laws: The Grail, If you build it, and the universal Law of differences. Align the beams that naturally run through the head.
  • Week 8
    Learn about psychic abilities ( clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairempathy etc) and how each works and manifests in our lives. Learn about some more advanced abilities. Training how to properly use a pendulum to communicate with your guides. Brain alignment exercise.

Month 3

  • Week 9
    How to recognize an energy vampire. Education on children under the age of 7, how they and the chakras develop.
  • Week 10
    Learn what real magic is. Soul reintegration, what to expect. Learn about aspects/particles of the soul, dimensions/consciousness.
  • Week 11
    Learn how entities/demons work and the entity scale. Opening the third eye. Talk on what to expect from the third eye.
  • Week 12
    Final examination. This is where we address anything that should be fixed. Fill any gaps in knowledge. Talk about the lighthouse. Preparations to enter THOEL. Channelled message to finish.

This program will span over the next 3 months and requires commitment and focus. I do not waste time on people that are not respectful and do not honor the time of others. If you are ready to move forward to the next stage of your development then this program is definitely for you. If a class is skipped or missed without excuse ( no call no show) then the lesson for that week will be skipped and that day will not be reimbursed. If you are not able to make a class and you know ahead of time let me know and we will move your lesson of that week to another time, I am very reasonable. The total cost of the program is $3000 USD for the full 3 month training period. Or $250 USD per class. Payment installments are $1000 USD per month up to 3 months and are due at the beginning of each month. -Or- If preferred you can pay a one time installment of $3000 USD.

Payments can be made through Paypal payable to . Payments are to be made before each new month of training. After your first payment is made make sure to send me an email that I can get back to you at with a short introduction. I will be in contact with you and we will pick a time that suits both of our schedules to meet up each week through a video chat on Please have zoom installed before our first session, It’s free. Zoom link Https:// Hold ctrl and click zoom link to open zoom web page or find zoom on google and download it. Have your video and sound set up for our first class before we begin. If your payments are not made, you will have your enrollment terminated, without refund. If you are seen to be unfit to continue the program, then your training will come to an end and what classes you have received must be paid for in full. The remainder of the month will be reimbursed to you if you have any classes left. David may terminate any student that is unfit to continue without recourse at his discretion. Any information that is held by the school or is learned in the school is categorized as intellectual property of the House of EL Mystery school, and divulgence of this information to any party outside of yourself until the program is over, without consent, will result in your training termination. I am excited to hear from you and look forward to watching you grow.

Much love,
Master David Lotherington

90 Day Mentorship Program

Spring | Summer | Fall | Winter (break)

Join Us for tri-weekly Classes.

  • Every Wednesday and Sunday at 7pm AST/ADT we have a class that is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The class has a range of teachers that are channeled from the ascended masters to dragons who teach a variety of topics of a mystical/metaphysical nature depending on the curiosities of the students.

  • Learn from the Gods themselves, be educated by the ascended masters, practice magic from Dragons, Alchemy from Alchemists such as St. Germaine and learn about galactics from Lord Commander Ashtar and other galactoids.

  • Learn how to stay on your optimal timeline

  • Raise your consciousness and awareness
  • Become a part of something greater than yourself and take part in bringing something good on to the planet. Meet new friends and likeminded individuals, practice your psychic abilities and become stronger, become a mage, practice alchemy,  work as an energy healer or another psychic profession. Join our Slack group and keep in touch with friends online. Take part in our adept and Master programs , become an adept and perhaps a master one day to gain access to deeper levels of knowledge.

Once the initiation begins you will begin practicing with our initiates, adept and master-level students. Together you will grow as you apply the practices taught on our Wednesday and Sunday classes. You will join us in our Slack chat group and meet new people, you can set up dates to practice with other classmates or just chat and meet new friends. You will receive new knowledge every class twice a week until our archives are complete.

  • There is currently a maximum of 20 students per semester for the mentorship training program. Our programs take place in Spring (March, April, May), Summer (June, July, Aug) Fall (Sept, Oct, Nov) The mentorship program rests as nature does during Winter but classes continue throughout the Winter season.
  • $3000 upfront or $1000 to start


Jan to March

Pay Full Amount for Registration

Pay $1000 Deposit for Registration


April to June

Pay Full Amount for Registration

Pay $1000 Deposit for Registration


July to Sept

Pay Full Amount for Registration

Pay $1000 Deposit for Registration