School Values

Integrity, Perseverance, Truth

Perseverance is refusing to allow oneself to be destroyed. Continuing despite difficulty when all others quit. Moving forward with truth requires perseverance as the truth is somewhat of a demonized thing in this matrix. We must be able to move forward despite hardships, regardless of any obstacles that stand in our way. Integrity-What is someone who does not do as they say they will?

Integrity plays into every action we take. Be solid, be unshakable, be trustworthy. When the entire world is false, you will be true. It will be like being the only flower left in the world.

Truth, or being true is one of the most important values of The House of EL. When one is true to themselves despite their surroundings they are acting in their truest nature. When one is not true in their action, they are false. Most of this world lives wearing a mask, telling lies that catch up to them eventually. All humans that die living an untrue life die sad. The truth will set you free. In a world full of deception it can be difficult to trust anyone. The truth is the light, it is knowing, it is GOD.