This energy healing course by Master Ashtar Anar contains all the information that you will need to begin working as an energy healer. This course includes a channeling session with Master Jesus Christ, it includes a new Master energy healing symbol the Dai-Oh-Ka, lessons on entities, implants and energetic blockages. It contains many master level techniques and strategies for dealing with the most difficult challenges you might face and everything you will need to know about starting your energy healing journey. Both beginners and master healers will benefit from this course. Master Ashtar Anar has been a proficient full time psychic surgeon for 8 years and counting and has experienced everything from start to finish in the industry of energy healing. Hope you enjoy the course! 
Class 1 
  • Finding your value
  • Choosing a location
  • Tips on finding a good teacher
  • In person interactions male and female
  • How to keep yourself safe while working with clients
  • Establishing healthy boundaries in the work space
  • In person vs distance work
  • E-mails
Class 2
  • E-mails continued
  • How to talk with a client
  • refunds
  • PayPal
Class 3
  • Your first approach
  • Skeptics and cynics
  • What a good session feels like
  • How to help/heal a client
  • What brings a clients frequency down
  • Free questions
  • Dai-Oh-Ka (master energy healing symbol) Created by master David Lotherington
Class 4
  • Opening the field
  • Serving the highest and greatest good
  • Finding the gem
  • STAR meditation
  • A bit on our guides
  • How to does energy work
  • The flow state
  • Energetic implants
  • Psychic abilities
Class 5
  • Cutting cords
  • Soul mates
  • Channeling Master Jesus
  • Jesus on healing
  • Mass healings
  • How to end a session with a client
  • How to  use planetary healing
  • The divine flame
  • Disposing of bad energies
  • Portals
  • Wings
Class 6
  • What are entities
  • Emotions and frequencies
  • The black nest
  • Entity information
  • Relics
  • The entity scale
  • How entities become stronger
  • How negative entities communicate
  • Binding entities
  • Removing entities
  • Demons
  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Possession
  • Succubus/Incubus demons
  • Disincarnated humans/ghosts
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Implants